Tuesday, March 6, 2012

coca cola

    Coca cola has been the one of the biggest soft drink company for over hundreds years, during all these year, coca cola has been development from a little factory to a large organisation around all over the world now. every year coca cola has to make something new to the people who had it or even for the people who has never had it yet a chance to know coca cola better, they investing lots of money on spreading the information to some countries even never heard of coca cola before.

      Coca Cola has many competitors, like the most famous one will be Pepsi. They spend lots of money on just keep their own product become more famous than another, which will be more profit at the middle east and Asia area. Like Pepsi did a funny joke on Coca Cola.

    Coca Cola is not only having competition at soft drinks, they also has to face the new problem, which is healthy. Healthy is one of the biggest thing nowadays no matter to guys or girls, everyone start to pay attention on their weight, so lot of juice company keep saying that most of the people get fat because they drink too much soft drink, and Coca Cola is the best example. So compare to all the new healthy product, Coca Cola start to get diet coke and zero coke, which provide people who love coke but want to get healthy a way to enjoy both the things.

    Also Coca Cola is an international business, the Africa and China still the two biggest potential customers. over 40% of the country still could develop by doing ads at the cities, and letting people know more and more about Coca Cola. That's why the Chinese Coca Cola CEO recruit over 20,000 new people to join the Coca Cola company and help to develop the Coca Cola into the west China, and try to make more people know about Coca Cola and in the other hand by making more profit.


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  1. I agree with you on the whole coca cola having to compete with other soft drinks. Since Papsi came out and other drinks coca cola wasn't as famous. As an employee at Burger King many people come in and ask if we have Pepsi. But when we say that we don't but we do have Coca Cola they decide to change their minds about it. They would prefer drinking water or juice instead of Coke. But what really is the difference between coke and pepsi don't they taste the same?