Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zinan Small business

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  1. Hey great presentation man! By the way, the food looks amazing. I guess that’s a result of a 14 year old business serving great Mexican food to people in Texas for years. I like the story line to this restaurant. The classic father son cooking relationship. I was interested in this because I love to cook. I also relate to it because my father taught me a lot of what I know about cooking. The fact that Mr. Garlin’s father started a small restaurant and his son began working in it and expanding it is great. That’s the fun of businesses. If you meet customer satisfaction you will always be successful. When anyone starts a business there is usually a purpose for it. These people found the perfect need in a certain location almost guaranteeing success as a restaurant. They created a Mexican style food restaurant in Texas because there are so many Mexicans in Texas. This is a great attraction because there is not much authentic Mexican food in the area. Finding a need in a area and fulfilling it is an extremely smart business technique. Mr. Garlin worked in the restaurant since he was 14. I’m assuming he must have perfected just about every dish as well as the operating system the restaurant ran by. “You have to let people know why your food is better than others.” I agree with the fact that you have to let others know why your product is better than others. People are prone to persuasion. This can help your company rise to the top. In the start of the Restaurant they were no making that much money. With time, and great food they began expanding and creating more revenue than ever before. One thing with restaurants is that all changes and ideas must be run through the health and safety department. Mr. Garlin is thinking about expanding to some new food chains. This might be a great idea and help the success of his existing restaurant. I like the advice you gave at the end. If you don’t like the way something’s done, do it on your own.