Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coke Marketing

Coca-Cola is so well known around the world because of its marketing skills. A big way they market is to have the product be associated with a memory. Coca-Cola signs are seen on big billboards at professional games or big public events. Costumers will always think of Coke as a good product the more they see the name Coca-Cola at a place they had fun. Coke also uses a jingle in a coke commercial. This made people always remember the product because the jingle always stayed in their head. They also use celebrities like Mean Joe. They showed him smile in a Coke commercial showing that even Coke will make anyone like Mean Joe happy. Since Coke is always being criticized a very unhealthy drink, they use other brands under their name to “Go Healthy”. They make Coke look attractive by changing the bottle’s shape. The new shaped Coke bottle has already made millions for Coke as said in the video.

            Coke was so good to have its brand in people’s culture, when they made the new coke; many people were very upset because they felt like they were losing a bit of their lives. Many people grew up with Coke being everywhere and a lot of their good memories were shared with Coke.  In the video, Coke also was given to soldiers at war to remind them of home.

            Another main reason why Coca-Cola has very good marketing is because they are known worldwide. People in third world countries see Coke as a gift or a product of happiness. Coke is bought after a long day of work with little pay and it brings smiles to their faces.

In the book, marketing is defined as, "The actively, set of institutions, and processing for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large”. I believe Coca-Cola has met these standards because of its popularity. Personally, I grew up knowing Coke better than any other of its competitors. Coke was seen everywhere and they really were involve in many memories that I had growing up. It was almost like a must have drink if you were to throw a party in my family. 

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