Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Business Owner Interview

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  1. Hey Ryan this was a really well done presentation. I never really knew much about disc golf or professional ultimate Frisbee. I thought it was really cool that they play at golf courses and think its really cool. This was a very eye-opening presentation and I think that this sport will take off. I am interested in how this kid got started in this because its not really a typical thing for a kid to be interested in. It is very smart of him to start a store to target the market of the other people that play this new sport. Also being located so close to Umass Amherst is very smart because so many kids go there that you have to be able to find another market and there will be an opportunity to sell a lot of goods quickly. The only problem I could see with this is that because this sport is so unknown I am not sure there is enough of a market to be only selling Frisbees and disc golf gear. He might have to look to expand his product line so that he can really look to make a much larger profit and be able to cover the overhead costs of running a small business. Also, I was interested into how he got into this and what led him to want to sell Frisbees for a living and why he chose the location of Amherst. Also, are they putting in a new golf course at Amherst or are they putting in a disc golf course. I do not know a lot about this so I don’t really know any of the differences. If they are putting in a disc golf course than was he instrumental in making this happen and did he have to push for this. I was also wondering what the rules of disc golf are and how is it played. Do you have a drive or are you actually going for a pin. Overall this was a really interesting presentation that I thoroughly enjoyed and thought that it was very interesting.