Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inside the McDonald's Empire - by Ashley Harris

McDonald's is a very large business, so it is obvious that the company would face obstacles, challenges, and opportunities, just like any other business would. After watching CNBC's Big Mac: Inside the McDonald's Empire, it is apparent what their obstacles and challenges are. They also have several opportunities for them seeing as they are a very large company.
In the video, it stated that McDonald's managers make $100,000 a year or more, and their revenue is $21 billion. It only makes sense that the company has several opportunities for themselves, including expanding their "empire" to other parts of the world to possibly make new connections with other countries. It also makes sense that because McDonald's has such a large number for revenue, that they would want to try new ideas to attract more customers, so maybe the company as a whole would keep what they have and try new ideas. I have noticed that there are several obstacles and challenges that the company faces. In some McDonald's restaurants in this country and in others, cleanliness and the quality of the products is a major issue. With that being said, since McDonald's is a large company with a ridiculous amount in revenue, I do not feel that they put the customers' health concerns above their profits. It makes sense - when a company is doing extremely well, why would they want to change what they have been doing all along to get that far? However, their actions do not help the problem, they only add onto it.

With obesity becoming a growing concern across the country, it is not helping that there are fast food places that advertise and add onto the problem. In the video, someone had stated that "people have to make choices about what they eat". This is true, but I feel like nothing is being done to help the problem. A challenge that McDonald's faces is actually coming up with a solution to cut out the ridiculous amount of calories and everything that adds onto the obesity problem from their products. They want to be a solution, yet they are only adding onto the problem.

Working at a Dunkin' Donuts, I know that we do not post the nutritional information on our menu boards. I think that if customers know what is in the things they are buying or eating, they would drastically change the direction in which the business, whether it be Dunkin' Donuts or McDonald's, is headed.

Here is a link to the McDonald's website that shows the nutrition and ingredients used in their products:


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  1. In your first sentence, you made a very good point that a lot of people tend to forget. Businesses, especially larger ones, inevitably face obstacles. That is part of the risk of business. International businesses tend to have more obstacles because they have to adapt to the different customs and cultures of their various participating countries.
    The issues of McDonald’s corporation definitely have to do with obesity. While it is true that people have to take responsibility for their own actions, companies need to look out for their customers. They do try to offer healthy alternatives, but there are a number of issues with them. For one, the salads that McDonald’s produces has an extremely high salt count in order to keep the vegetables preserved. Also, the number of healthy alternatives is outnumbered significantly by foods that do not promote a healthy lifestyle. I liked the point that if the nutritional information was put directly on the menu, it could keep people from buying the foods. That is a win-lose situation though, as the company would lose business, but people would eat fast food a little less. That just goes to show why they do not make the nutritional values noticeable.