Friday, February 3, 2012


McDonald’s was founded by Ray Kroc who bought the small burger joint from the McDonald’s. He kept the name but changed everything about it. He made it to the billion dollar company it is today. It’s success is so worldwide, they have restaurants in over 100 countries and are still expanding. 
McDonald’s is a big empire that leads its competitors in the fast food business. They had to face many changes like menu changes, and health changes. Menu changes happen often to provide something new for the customer so it nothing will get old. Another way they kept themselves up and running was by advertising. Their main target was and still are, children. They get children interested by television, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and happy meals. Ronald McDonald is well known around the world because of all its advertising and success. In the movie, they show that McDonald’s is trying to expand more worldwide and be more healthy. They are opening many more stores in China because they know they can have more of an opportunity to be more successful. They even took chances putting a McDonald’s in a low income village outside of Bejin. They know that they can have an unindustrialized poor village into buying their food since it provides all the calories they need and it is cheap enough for them. 
Another opportunity McDonald’s provides are job opportunities. McDonald’s employs over 450,000 jobs worldwide and growing. In the movie it shows how working your way down and get you big success in the future. Tyrone Davis a manager at a McDonald’s in Darien, CT, is one example of how McDonald’s provided him a great opportunity to be successful. Some people can even be close to millionaires working long enough in McDonald’s.
In the movie, Chef Dan is an example of how McDonald’s is trying to change their ways. They are trying to answer some problems they have with obesity. Chef Dan, a culinary chef, who graduated top of his class, is working at McDonald’s. He is helping them turn healthy. New menu items are thought of in his kitchen and all the healthy foods are cooked fresh. Chef Dan and his staff are well known for their snack wrap and salads. 

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