Monday, January 23, 2012

B&S Homework #1

Hello everyone. My name is Ryan DeRosa and I am a freshman here at Nichols College, and I am hoping to become a major in the field of Sport Management by the time I graduate from this college.  So a little about me, I was born in Boston, Mass. and I have lived there my whole life.  My hometown is Charlestown, Mass. where I was brought up as a kid.  I have never had a full time job before, but my past work experience has consisted of  working summer jobs for the city of Boston.  Some of the things that I like to do when I have some spare time are go to the gym, play hockey, hang out with my friends, and other fun stuff like that.  That is a little bit about me and my past.

After reading the article “Importance of Business in the Present Day World” I am pretty interested, but at the same time I am a little bit confused.  The reason why this article interests me is because it tells me a lot about the world of business, like how a person who is part of a business manage the company and make things run smoothly.  I also learned about some of the steps that they would have to complete for their business and how they produce the company’s goods.  The reason why I am confused about this article is because I noticed that there are a lot of misspelled words in it.  I noticed a lot of careless writing mistakes while reading it, which is why I don’t know if someone who was reading it would be able to trust what the article is about.  For example, I noticed a lot of words that should have spaces in between them and other words that were just carelessly misspelled.  Although it was still an interesting article and taught me a little bit about the world of business, it still has me worried that the reader of the article woulnd’t be able to trust what they are reading.  That’s what I noticed after reading this article.

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