Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mataiah Crossley (about me)

I am Mataiah Crossley. I am 18 years old my birthday is in October. I am the oldest of five children; all with the same father (I get that question a lot). I was born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts and I went to Worcester Technical High school. I came to Nichols College because it was the only College that I could afford. I really happy this is the College I represent because I love the one on one the students get with the teachers and the fact that the college is small helps in a lot of ways; Which is kind of weird because I grew up in a really big city. In high school I was a member of the Honor society, Prom committee, and Student Council. I also had a shop because Worcester Tech was a vocational school. I took painting and design and I love the field. I had a really hard time deciding whether or not to become an interior designer or because something in the criminal justice field. Finally I came to my decision that I was going to go to school and study the criminal justice field and use my love for painting and design for when I retire or as a just in case I don’t succeed. Now, here at Nichols College I am Currently Majoring in Criminal Justice and my minor is Psychology. I work on campus in the dining hall and I love it, and I hoping on becoming a RA next year. In this course I wish to get better at typing and learn more about the internet and computers. I am very old school computers are my week point and I would like to get up to date.
If businesses know what they’re doing wrong why don't they change?
Reading the article I found out that technology is making people more materialistic and “people due to the influence of communication media are losing sight of spiritual values”. I wonder if there is something that companies can do that helps people regain those spiritual values. People need other people and in this generation we’re learning not to.


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