Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tyler LeBlanc HW #1

Who are you?
         Hey everyone I'm Tyler LeBlanc, a freshman transfer from Endicott College majoring in general business. I’m from Charlton Ma, the next town over. This year I will be commuting to school. I graduated from Shepherd Hill Regional High School. Currently I hold a job at LeBlanc Oil LLC, a company my father started. After College I plan on taking over the family business. This Fall I played football for Endicott. Next fall I will be playing again for Nichols College. Other hobbies consist of playing baseball, basketball snowboarding and relaxing with my girlfriend. I come from a large family. I’m the oldest of five kids.

What do you hope to gain/learn from this course?

         Throughout the semester I hope to gain knowledge about how to successfully run a small business to earn great profits.

         After reading the article a successful business has to have those five main points. If a business lacks one or more of the key points it has a chance of going under in today’s economy. The importance of business is that it provides products or services to customers. The manufacturing of goods is a huge beginning process for a business. Manufactured goods lead to production, services and distribution of the main product. Business has helped people to earn a living either as owners of business or as employees. Small business employs many local people that are in demand for money. Hiring locals is a way the company can give back to the community. I don’t believe a business should be taxed as high as they are. Businesses are out to make a living to support their family and I feel that the government should take advantage of successful companies just because they have the right to do so.

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