Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nick Tessier

Hello everybody! My name is Nick Tessier, a freshman here at Nichols College. I come from the small town of Oxford just a few minutes down the road, living there my entire life. I played football for 11 years including all four years of my high school career; where I earned multiple awards for my numerous achievements. Also in high school, I competed in outdoor track and field all four years as well as indoor track for my junior and senior year.  I spend my spare time working at Guardian Glass in Webster loading trucks with units of glass. I have worked there since the beginning of this past summer and have cut my hours since enrolling at Nichols. I chose to commute to college, seeming how it would be nearly pointless to spend thousands of dollars to live in a dorm, compared to paying zero dollars to live at home and make a simple ten minute ride every day. I am majoring in criminal justice, and hope to eventually pursue a career as a police officer.  I decided to take this class because I believe that business management can enlighten you on not only how to manage a business, but teach you the responsibilities needed in different real life situations as well. I believe that this class will do just that, and look forward to acquiring the new knowledge that will be taught in this class.
The article Importance of business in the present day world strongly states some of the difficulties in owning a business. One thing the article focuses on is the topic of customer satisfaction. The article states that gaining new customers while keeping former ones can be a difficult task to do. Businesses are always in need of new customers and they need to find a way to open their market. A lot of businesses have created an online shopping network as well as a phone market that many customers can use as a way to purchase goods. One thing that is a major problem in the business world is that many of the modern day businesses are criticized for being too profit orientated and even are being partially blamed for air and water pollution.

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  1. Hey Nick, I enjoyed your blog man. I really agree with the fact that this class will give knowledge on how to handle real life situations. I too find that one of the major parts of this article was the fact that the author mentioned how some business were being blamed for our air and water pollution.